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Youth Park

Yesterday we went to the youth park, it took forever to get there because we couldn’t find it when we got off the bus! The youth park used to be a quarry then the council gave some money to change it into a youth park. The splash pools in the park are fed from a spring in the hill.



There was also a giant chess board!


Then we went to the Guerney Plaza to get mum some Birkenstocks and some lunch. We found a shop called ‘crepe 2 u’ to get some savoury Crepes, I had a crepe with sausage, cheese, onion, sweet corn and lettuce.

For tea we went to some street stalls, they are called ‘Hawkers’. There’s a big area in the middle with tables and chairs and around the outside there are lots of food stalls selling all different types of food. You order what food you want and they bring it to your table, you could all eat from different stalls if you wanted to. Last night I had chicken satay and some chicken rice, it was tasty, the chicken was boneless which was nice! It is usually full of bones in Asia.



Sri Lanka Cuisine – 20-08-2013

I did some research on what me might eat in Sri Lanka.

 Sri Lankan cuisines

This is rice and curry which is the most common dish in Sri Lanka and consists of rice which is either steamed or boiled, a curry and sambols served as a side dish.

The most popular sambol is coconut sambol, made from ground coconut, chili peppers, dried fish and lime.

 Sri Lankan cuisines

Hoppers are a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast like pancakes but sourer. You can also have egg Hoppers. The sides are usually bananas and sambols.

hoppers Sri Lankan cuisines