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Whale video

When we went whale watching we managed to record a video of one.

My Thoughts On Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a good place for seeing lots of sights like big Buddha’s and large beaches, but if you want to go on a cheap budget in Sri Lanka you’ve got to be prepared for geckoes, large beetles and sometimes a cockroach in your shower!
There is lots of rubbish dumped in the road and the vehicles are really loud. Imagine your mums cars engine and then imagine it 20 times louder and 10 times older and that’s your typical Sri Lankan car. We saw a vintage car in Galle that would be in a museum in England.
Sri Lanka have a highway but they don’t really know how to use it , for example we were going down a highway(two lanes each way) when suddenly we saw a tractor starting to drive towards us on the lane next to us instead of over the barrier!! Also there was a herd of cows being pushed along by a farmer across the highway!! Tuk-Tuks would not be allowed in England because they have no doors no windows, its not sealed up at all. Here is what a Tuk-Tuk looks like:

8/10 for sightseeing
4/10 for accommodation (low budget)
6/10 for accommodation (high budget)
4/10 for transport (SUPER DANGEROUS)
Sri Lanka is reaalllyy slow so you might want to call it Slow Lanka!!
(Not when your talking to the locals!)

My favourite thing we did in Sri Lanka was when we went to the Hikka villa with the American family.
My least favourite thing is the rubbish in the streets and the lack of hygiene.

Whale watching

We went whale watching in Wellagama We had to get up early to see them otherwise they wouldn’t be out of the water. We had to wear life jackets witch was almost the only health and safety we had seen in Sri Lanka! There were lots of whales that we saw, and we were told that we would be lucky to see one.

On the way out to the whales patch we saw some dolphins swimming beside the boat.



We went out further to find the whales. The crew looked out for spurts of water so we could go and see them. The whales would sometimes dive in and we waited to see if they would reappear for about ten minutes.



Did you know that Blue whales are the largest mammal on earth? They weigh more than 150 Tonnes when they are fully grown. A Blue Whale eats Krill, a tiny sea creature about two centimetres big, they eat as many as 40,000,000 per day. The Blue Whales don’t have teeth; they swim towards Krill with their mouths open, spit out the water and swallow the Krill.

Our new American friends

We met up with American family, who are also travelling the world, at a place called Saraai village near Tissa. It was confusing when we had conversations with them because they say words differently. They said router like rowter. We got into a big conversation about how we said stuff differently, like they said:
puma like pooma
route like rowt
aluminium like aloominum
crisps are chips
chips are fries
biscuits are cookies

When George said he was going to loo they didn’t have a clue what he was saying!

They had three children: Jacob and Luke are twelve year twins plus Maggie who’s one week older than me.After Saraai they invited us to stay in a villa they were renting. It was fun to play with people other than just George for a few days. We are hoping to visit them in California near San Francisco, which is where they live. At the villa we went to the beach to go snorkelling and see the giant turtles.


We went body boarding after. I was really good at it.

Temple on the Rocks

We went to Kirinda beach and there was a temple on the rocks. It was built when a princess was washed ashore there because her father had un fairly put to death a Buddhist monk and then the sea rose up and almost flooded the city. The waters stopped rising when he gave his daughter to the sea, he put her in a boat. She was found washed ashore at Kirinda, the local king found her, fell in love with her, and married her. A temple was built on the rocks to honour her.


Yala National Park

We went to Yala national park three days ago, it mainly contains leopards and elephants. We queued for ages to see a leopard showing his bottom to us from a tree.


Here are some facts about leopards:

Fast facts about leopards:
Weight: 30 – 80 KG
Height: 1 – 1/2m
Length: 7.75ft – 10.75ft approx.
Protection status: near threatened
Diet: Carnivore
Type: Mammal
Facts about leopards:
*They drag their prey onto a tree so scavengers don’t steal it while the leopard sleeps.
*Female leopards are able to give birth at any time of the year.
*They usually give birth to two grey cubs with barely visible spots.
*The leopards move their cubs around from safe place to safe place until they are old enough to get their own food.
In Yala there was also lots of elephants.



At 5 in the morning we went on a safari to Udawalawe national park to see some elephants in the wild. We saw one by the side of the road, behind the fence, before we even got there. At the safari we hired a jeep to drive us around. There were lots of elephants huddled in groups:



There was 1 straggler who wanted to cross the road, but we didn’t realise until we went on.


There was peacocks flying up to perch on a tree and eagles flying up too.



Little Adams Peak

Yesterday we climbed Little Adams Peak which was a long walk from our hotel. We passed through some tea plantations, and a village where the Tea Pickers live, which looked like they had built the houses themselves. On the way up we also saw a helipad for a very posh hotel. To get to the top we had to walk up a lot of very steep steps. At the top there were some Cairns, which are small piles of stones. We rebuilt one that had fallen over.


From the summit of Little Adams Peak we could see Ella Rock across the valley. It’s not really a rock it is actually a mountain with a big rocky side to it and is really tall.


At the top of Little Adams Peak there was this cow, I don’t know how they got it up the steep steps!


Afterwards we went and had milkshakes and pancakes at a cool funky cafe where we sat on the roof on beanbags.


I was very relaxed! And the milkshakes and pancakes were delicious!

Waterfalls and tea plantations tour


On Thursday we went on a tour to see some waterfalls and Tea Plantations. It was really interesting.

We had a super guide who showed us around and told us lots of interesting facts. Did you know that there are two types of tea plants? There are seedling plants that last up to 100 years and are picked every 7 days, and modified plants that last up to 35 years and are picked every 4 days. Both types of tea plant are pruned every 5 years to stop them growing too tall. Only women pick the tea because men pick off too many leaves, you are only meant to pick two or three leaves and a bud like so…


We went on a tour of a Tea factory and learnt how the process for making tea happens.
After the tea is picked it is taken to the factory and whithered with a big fan, then it is rolled in a large machine like this one.

After it is rolled it is put on the ground and left to ferment, then it is put in a dryer. After that the leaves are graded by size and sent to be tasted. If all is ok then they are packed up and sent out.


We went to see several waterfalls and had lunch at Ramboda falls after we had climbed all the way to the bottom and back. It was very steep climbing down but we had a very nice lunch afterwards.