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Milford Sound

We went on a cruise at Milford Sound. Milford sound is actually a fjord, not a sound, a fjord is where glaciers fall off mountains and carve a valley in their wake, and the sea comes and fills the valley, whereas a sound is created from rivers and streams.

The road to Milford Sound from Te Anau (Tee Ar Now) is the only way to get there, excluding sea and air travel, it took 24 years to build it, at the start there was only 5 men with pick axes!. The road was twisting every which way and was surrounded by mountains, except when it goes through the Te Anau Downs, the mountains popping up in the near distance as if to remind there was still more mountains to come.



The cruise was 3 hours in total, we stopped off at underwater viewing centre, in the centre you could see lots of different species down there.

This is a triplefin, it has no flotation bladder so it has to keep swimming constantly if not they would sink to the bottom.

This is another species of triplefin, he’s swimming against black coral, which is actually white! It got it’s name from the people who found it washed up on the shores, they only saw the black skeleton as the white part is the living part and it had died away when it washed up.

This is an 11 legged star fish

This is a marble fish

On the way out of the harbour, some bottle nose dolphins played by the prow of the boat.
Milford Sound is a very mountainous and hilly place, it’s very beautiful and lots of the mountain tops were covered in snow and the clouds were mostly below peak level and looked like they were clinging onto the side of the mountains.



On the cruise we were surrounded by towering mountains all staring on the bottom of the fjord! They are covered in vegetation, but at sea level the plants stop abruptly and give way to bare rock.







Look out for the dolphin at the start!


Jet Fishing

We went jet boat fishing today, where you go fishing on a jet boat! I thought it would be hard to go fishing but actually it’s very easy to cast and reel it in.
I caught two fish, 1 of which bit on the hook too far and it caught it’s gils so he would have drowned if we put him back in, we took him home for tea!
All of the seven fish we caught (I caught 2, Dad caught 4 and Mum caught 1) were Rainbow Trout.

The river was long and wide and there was rapids that made the ride very bumpy. The boat was very fast and I got to steer it for a bit!!

On some of the river they filmed Lord of the Rings!