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Universal Studios

We went to Universal Studios in Hollywood while we were in Los Angeles. It is a theme park with rides based on the movies Universal have made.
There is a new ride based on Despicable Me called Minion Mayhem which we went on first. It is a motion simulator and you get turned into a Minion. It was really good and we went on it again later on. This was my favourite ride.



There was a ride based on Jurassic Park which was a log flume. It was very wet and the drop was 84 ft down!



The Mummy was a really fun roller coaster in the dark that went through an Egyptian Tomb and you had to escape from the evil Mummy! It even went backwards and that was really scary.
We also went on a Tranformers ride which was a 3D ride and it was really awesome. It made you duck away from the things coming out the screen.


We got to go on a tour of the actual studio sets that are still being used today! In fact there was filming happening while we were there. We even saw the set for the new King Kong movie and saw a 3D experience which was in a tunnel and happened all around you.

There was lots of movie memorabilia like the Delorean from Back to the Future and an E.T. ask your parents about these if you haven’t heard of them!! They are from ye olde movies or classics as my mum says!










We had three whole days at Disneyland in California this week!! Disneyland was made in 1955, some of the original rides are still there, including Dumbo the flying elephant and Autopia, which we went on. It is a ride where you drive a car around a set track and you get to push the pedal ( with a max speed of 7 mph ) and steer.


Walt Disney was born in 1901 and died in 1966 from lung cancer. Mr. Disney invented Mickey Mouse in 1928 in a film called ‘Steamboat Willy’. He first thought of Disneyland when he took his daughters to the park. He sat on the bench while his daughters were on the merry-go-round and he thought of a place where adults and children could have fun together, he decided to base it on his new characters, Mickey Mouse and Friends.

Next to Disneyland there is Disney California Adventure park where we also went. It opened in 2001. My favourite ride out of both parks was California Screaming which is a roller coaster that has got a loop the loop in it! It was looperlicious!



I also liked The Twilight Zone of Terror, which was a ride in a possessed lift which went up really quickly then dropped back down even quicker. The lift doors flashed open when you got to the top!

Space mountain is another ride I liked, it is a really cool roller coaster that flew through the stars at a super speed!!

There was a fun Ferris wheel in California Adventure.

Both of the parks were split into different areas and there were themed rides in each area. In Cars Land there was a ride called Radiator Springs Racers, which was a really fun car ride, but the queue took 2 1/2 hours to get through.

Everything about Cars Land was just how it was in the movie and some of the cars from the movie were driving around.




Every day there are parades around both parks. We saw one in California Adventure park called Disney Pixar parade. They squirted everybody with water which was refreshing because it was a really hot day.









Sea World

Two days ago we went to Sea World. We watched many shows, one with giant KILLER WHALES in it, one with speedy dolphins, strange flat nosed whales and a colourful parrot, plus another show with two acrobatic sea lions and a  mischievous otter!!



Look at these Killer Whales!


There were a few rides to go on, like an epic roller coaster, a log flume, rapids and a sky tower. We got soaked on the rapids because there was a waterfall which went you passed through! It was so nice to get wet as it was so hot that day, we went on the ride twice!







USS Midway

Two days ago we flew to San Diego, California . In San Diego there is a massive aircraft carrier ship called the USS Midway.P1040238

It saw action in the Persian Golf, when the ship was in battle there were planes landing every 45 seconds. The planes had to land in a space the size of a tennis court and not hit one of the 200 people on the flight deck, unlike at an airport, where there is nobody about and there’s a massive runway!




Some of the planes and helicopters had  fold up wings and rotors to increase spare space .


On the deck there was a plane  you could climb on.



USS Bowfin

The USS Bowfin is a submarine, at Pearl Harbour. Pearl Harbour was bombed by the Japanese in 1941, then the Americans became involved in WW2. The Bowfin was commissioned in July, 1942 and first patrolled 1943. The Bowfin sunk 13 ships that were trying to attack Pearl Harbour. In 1971 the Bowfin was moved to Pearl Harbour to be a floating museum.


Inside the submarine it was very cramped and the doorways were tiny!P1040059 - Copy - Copy

Inside this front facing torpedo room there was six torpedo tubes, and 12 stored torpedo’s It also had a rear facing torpedo room with four tubes. There were fold out beds in the torpedo room for some of the crew.

P1040058 - Copy (2)


On the deck there was an anti aircraft gun, they could use it when the submarine was not submerged.

P1040068P1040066 - Copy




That’s right, you guessed it, we rented a Ford Mustang convertible for the day !!



We drove around the island ( it’s called Oahu ) and stopped at sunset beach, it had really cold water, unlike Waikiki ,which was warmer.


We stopped at a blowhole, it wasn’t as good as the ones at Pancake Rocks though!

On the way back to Honolulu we saw a mega cool police car (a Dodge Challenger).







We’re in Hawaii. The flight from Auckland was 8 and a half hours long, but it didn’t feel so long because there was movies and games. I watched The Lego Movie – Twice! I also watched Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief, and then played on some arcade games.

Clip ‘n Climb

On the last day in Auckland we went to an epic indoor climbing arena called Clip ‘n Climb. You went into the arena and were immediately dwarfed by the climbing walls! My favourite climbing wall was a Tetris  wall.


We had to be in special harness’s and each wall had a safety line to lower you down slowly once you climbed.





There were some wobbly sticks to climb up.










Whakawerawera ( fa-ka-re-wa-re-wa ) is a living Maori village in a thermal area. They take the advantage of being a thermal area; they use steam vents to cook (they would dig a hole by the thermal vent, place some railings over the hole, and make a lid )and use hot pools like we would use a saucepan to steam vegetables( they lower it in the pool in a net and leave , they secure so it doesn’t sink!) The pool is so deep it is immeasurable!



At the entrance to the village there is a memorial archway to remember the Maori who fought in WW2, WW1, and other wars.


The name of the village has been shortened to whakawerawera from Tewhakarewarewatangaoteopetauaawahiao so it’s easier to say. Lots of Maori words seem to have lots and lots of vowels in them, but they don’t. The alphabet only has 13 words, 8 consonants and the 5 vowels!!!


I think that the carved meeting house at the front of the village is very intricate and has lots of Paua shells, shells that the inside can be polished to be colourful and shiny.



The village was very interesting and smelly!!!