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Green Island Video


This is a video about our stay on Green Island.



St Helena Island

Queen Victoria wanted more land named after herself so she separated some land off of New South Wales and named it Queensland. As New South Wales was a rich state, being separated from it wasn’t very good as it made everywhere in Queensland very poor. In Brisbane lots of people turned to crime to survive so the prisons were overflowing. St Helena opened as a prison in 1867.

We went on a tour to and around St Helena Island, the guides were dressed up as a warder and prisoners.

St Helena got it’s name from an aboriginal who was exiled there for stealing an axe. The aboriginal was nicknamed ‘Napoleon’, Napoleon Bonnepart was exiled to an island in the Mediterranean Sea named St Helena. Napoleon Bonnepart lasted 6 and a half years before getting arsinic poisoning and died. Napoleon the Aboriginal lasted 3 days ………… before building a canoe and paddling home! Then someone decided that Green island Number 2 (as it was called then) should be called St Helena.

On St Helena Island we saw the crumbling remains of the prison, the guides told us about the barracks and how there was 12 men in a room, and every one slept in small hammocks. This building was split into 4 rooms, 12 in each, you can still see the hooks from the hammocks.



Each block of rooms ahead their own exercise yard where they also ate their daily meals, and went to the toilet!