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Waterfalls and tea plantations tour


On Thursday we went on a tour to see some waterfalls and Tea Plantations. It was really interesting.

We had a super guide who showed us around and told us lots of interesting facts. Did you know that there are two types of tea plants? There are seedling plants that last up to 100 years and are picked every 7 days, and modified plants that last up to 35 years and are picked every 4 days. Both types of tea plant are pruned every 5 years to stop them growing too tall. Only women pick the tea because men pick off too many leaves, you are only meant to pick two or three leaves and a bud like so…


We went on a tour of a Tea factory and learnt how the process for making tea happens.
After the tea is picked it is taken to the factory and whithered with a big fan, then it is rolled in a large machine like this one.

After it is rolled it is put on the ground and left to ferment, then it is put in a dryer. After that the leaves are graded by size and sent to be tasted. If all is ok then they are packed up and sent out.


We went to see several waterfalls and had lunch at Ramboda falls after we had climbed all the way to the bottom and back. It was very steep climbing down but we had a very nice lunch afterwards.