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My Thoughts On Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a good place for seeing lots of sights like big Buddha’s and large beaches, but if you want to go on a cheap budget in Sri Lanka you’ve got to be prepared for geckoes, large beetles and sometimes a cockroach in your shower!
There is lots of rubbish dumped in the road and the vehicles are really loud. Imagine your mums cars engine and then imagine it 20 times louder and 10 times older and that’s your typical Sri Lankan car. We saw a vintage car in Galle that would be in a museum in England.
Sri Lanka have a highway but they don’t really know how to use it , for example we were going down a highway(two lanes each way) when suddenly we saw a tractor starting to drive towards us on the lane next to us instead of over the barrier!! Also there was a herd of cows being pushed along by a farmer across the highway!! Tuk-Tuks would not be allowed in England because they have no doors no windows, its not sealed up at all. Here is what a Tuk-Tuk looks like:

8/10 for sightseeing
4/10 for accommodation (low budget)
6/10 for accommodation (high budget)
4/10 for transport (SUPER DANGEROUS)
Sri Lanka is reaalllyy slow so you might want to call it Slow Lanka!!
(Not when your talking to the locals!)

My favourite thing we did in Sri Lanka was when we went to the Hikka villa with the American family.
My least favourite thing is the rubbish in the streets and the lack of hygiene.