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Yellow Eyed Penguins

We went to the Yellow Eyed Penguin Conservation area on the Otago peninsula to see some Yellow Eyed Penguins in the wild, the most endangered penguin. Yellow Eyed Penguins are VERY RARE and are only found by the Southern Seas. They are the only penguins that travels inland to build their nests in a forest, instead like all the others, on the beach. The yellow band behind the eyes becomes more distinct when they reach adulthood and are mating. They moult every year, and the feathers are not waterproof so they can’t go fishing and they look a bit sad!



26th February

Today we helped to feed the animals, first we had a go at milking a cow.

After the calves had fed on their mums, we had to put them into a paddock, by chasing them!

Then we fed them some fodder, by throwing it over the fence, we had a competition to see who could throw it the furthest- I won!

Fodder is grown on the farm in a special machine, it’s used to feed the animals as it’s so dry here that the farm can’t grow enough feed to feed the animals. The machine has trays, and each day the fully grown fodder is taken out of one end, and at the other end a tray full of barley is put in. The machine keeps the barley moist and at the right temperature, it only takes 7 days for the fodder to grow.


We helped to mix up the milk and bottle fed a baby goat, called Wingnut. He wagged his tail as he drank his milk, just like a dog does!



Next we fed the sheep, and then the birds and chickens, ducks and turkey.




We went horse riding. We had a lesson first in a ring, where we learnt to make the horse go and stop and steer them, then we went out for a trek through the bush. My horse was called Denver.