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1st and 2nd March

We bought a body board because we’re mainly staying on the coast and it will be good fun. We spent a lot of time on the beach, the waves were too big and rough to get out far enough to catch a good wave but I did have a few good ones.

When we weren’t using the body board we were jumping in and out the waves, I got knocked over by the waves lots, it was good fun!





Me and Dad played frisbee, and kicked a ball around, the frisbee was hard on the main beach as it was really windy so we went into a creek where there was a small beach and it was easier.

The creek was big and wide and there were lots of people stand up paddle boarding, and rowing. The water in the creek was completely flat and you could see fish.



On our last evening at the Gold Coast we went to Surfers Paradise to see some sand Sculptures,there was a competition that takes place every year.


The theme for this year was ‘Myths and Legends’. To make the Sculptures
the Sculptors use ‘ Brickies ‘ sand. This sand is made up of square particles,
unlike sand you get from the beach which is rounder and doesn’t stick together well enough for the Sculptures.


When they have finished the Sculptures they coat the it with a waterproof spray so it doesn’t get washed away when it rains.
My favourite Sculpture is called ‘ Where Are The Greeks’.


You had to find nine soldiers hiding in the horse!





This is the legend of Troy:
The Greeks had been trying to get in the city of Troy, they’d been trying for ages and couldn’t get in. The Greeks built a wooden horse and left it outside the gates of Troy and then sailed away! Some soldiers in Troy found the horse and brought it inside the walls as they thought it was a gift for their king from the Greeks. That night the Greek army sprang out from the horse and slaughtered everybody in Troy.

Our new American friends

We met up with American family, who are also travelling the world, at a place called Saraai village near Tissa. It was confusing when we had conversations with them because they say words differently. They said router like rowter. We got into a big conversation about how we said stuff differently, like they said:
puma like pooma
route like rowt
aluminium like aloominum
crisps are chips
chips are fries
biscuits are cookies

When George said he was going to loo they didn’t have a clue what he was saying!

They had three children: Jacob and Luke are twelve year twins plus Maggie who’s one week older than me.After Saraai they invited us to stay in a villa they were renting. It was fun to play with people other than just George for a few days. We are hoping to visit them in California near San Francisco, which is where they live. At the villa we went to the beach to go snorkelling and see the giant turtles.


We went body boarding after. I was really good at it.