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11 Days!!

Yesterday was my last day of school before I go away. I just want to say thank you to all my friends at school because you’ve all been really supportive to me while I was at Bridgewater. Thank you to all the teachers at Bridgewater for helping me learn lots of new things.

Did you know….

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We’ve booked!

We’ve booked our tickets for Sri Lanka, WOO HOOO!!!

Were flying on the 1st of January 2014 from Heathrow Airport to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We’ll be leaving at 9 PM British time on the 1st of January but arriving at Colombo on the 2nd of January at 1 PM ( British time 7 AM ).

I’m really excited about going because we are going to see lots of things that not many people see.

Vaccinations – 12-08-2013

We’re going to the doctors to have some of our vaccinations. We are having jabs for Typhoid and Hepatitis A today. A vaccination is where doctors inject you with part of a disease so your immune system learns to fight it.

The other jabs we need are: Rabies (x3), Japanese Encephalitis (x3)and  Hepatitis B (3).

We also need a drink to protect us against Cholera and tablets against Malaria.

The current exchange rates of the countries I’m going to – 31-07-2013

Mum set me a challenge to find out the exchange rate and the currency of the countries we are going to. Here’s what I came up with:

1 British pound is equivalent to 32,116.67 Vietnamese Dongs

1 British Pound is equivalent to 47.54 Thai Bahts

1British Pound is equivalent to 4.92 Malaysian Ringgits

1 British Pound is equivalent to 1.91 New Zealand dollars

1 British Pound is equivalent to 1.69 Australian Dollars

1 British Pound is equivalent to 1.52 United States Dollars

1 British Pound is equivalent to 6,167.07 Cambodian Riels

1 British Pound is equivalent to 199.48 Sri Lankan Rupees