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Friday, Saturday and Sunday

We’ve had a few lazy days, and done lots of swimming and catching up with our schoolwork.

On Friday we went to Berjaya Times Square Mall to do some archery. The bows were really heavy, much heavier than at Frontier Camp. But I managed to hit a bullseye!




Today we went to the Royal Airforce Museum. There were lots of old aeroplanes, a few helicopters and a ‘ferret’, which is a small armoured army jeep that you could climb inside and stick your head out of a hatch on the top.



We looked at all the planes, this is my favourite:

This is a Sabre and it’s maximum speed is 700mph!!!

In the hanger there was a trainer plane you could get in. When you pulled the lever you changed the wing position.


This afternoon we went to see an acrobatic lion dance, for Chinese New Year.


Kuala Lumpur

We flew to Malaysia four days ago, via the Maldives for an hour. Our flight was meant to be at 11:25AM but it was late, and came at 12:15. We landed in Kuala Lumpur at 9:30PM and got an aero bus to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur city central) and then we got a taxi to our hotel, One Stop residence. On the bus ride it felt like we were going really fast but actually we weren’t, it was just that everybody in Sri Lanka drove at 10-35 mph. Also when we were in the taxi I said “this is a soundproof car or an electric engine” then dad said “no, actually this is a normal car , its just that in Sri Lanka the engines were quite loud!!”.

On our first day in Kuala Lumpur we had a lazy morning then went swimming.

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Our hotel is basically a maze with levels, and lots of stair cases branching out every other direction, and its on top of an empty shopping mall! We explored a bit and went to the Berjaya Times Square Mall. Outside there was the largest Capsule Dispensing Machine ever!


At the mall we went and looked around and found a restaurant called One Chef. It was a Chinese restaurant and I had a meal that consisted of fat noodles and chopped up pork with a side dish of fish dumplings and super fishy sauce!