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Our new American friends

We met up with American family, who are also travelling the world, at a place called Saraai village near Tissa. It was confusing when we had conversations with them because they say words differently. They said router like rowter. We got into a big conversation about how we said stuff differently, like they said:
puma like pooma
route like rowt
aluminium like aloominum
crisps are chips
chips are fries
biscuits are cookies

When George said he was going to loo they didn’t have a clue what he was saying!

They had three children: Jacob and Luke are twelve year twins plus Maggie who’s one week older than me.After Saraai they invited us to stay in a villa they were renting. It was fun to play with people other than just George for a few days. We are hoping to visit them in California near San Francisco, which is where they live. At the villa we went to the beach to go snorkelling and see the giant turtles.


We went body boarding after. I was really good at it.