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Temple on the Rocks

We went to Kirinda beach and there was a temple on the rocks. It was built when a princess was washed ashore there because her father had un fairly put to death a Buddhist monk and then the sea rose up and almost flooded the city. The waters stopped rising when he gave his daughter to the sea, he put her in a boat. She was found washed ashore at Kirinda, the local king found her, fell in love with her, and married her. A temple was built on the rocks to honour her.


Temple of the Tooth

I went to the Temple of the Tooth yesterday.


We saw Raja, a stuffed elephant, he was the royal elephant of the temple who lead the parade for 50 years, the parade is called Esala Perahera and takes place every August. In the parade there are drummers, Kandyan dancers, fire dancers and a hundred elephants. The lead elephant is the royal elephant who carries 7 golden caskets (each inside the other) and inside the first one is Buddhas tooth. Here is the story of Buddhas tooth: Buddha was cremated in India, a man saved one of his teeth from the ashes. A war started in India so the tooth was smuggled into Sri Lanka in a Princesses hair. It was kept in many places, such as Colombo, and Anuradhapura (now a derelict city) before the Temple of the Tooth was built in Kandy.

The caskets containing the tooth are behind this golden door.

These Buddhas are gifts from different countries, India, Malaysia, Thailand and others.