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Sea World

Two days ago we went to Sea World. We watched many shows, one with giant KILLER WHALES in it, one with speedy dolphins, strange flat nosed whales and a colourful parrot, plus another show with two acrobatic sea lions and a  mischievous otter!!



Look at these Killer Whales!


There were a few rides to go on, like an epic roller coaster, a log flume, rapids and a sky tower. We got soaked on the rapids because there was a waterfall which went you passed through! It was so nice to get wet as it was so hot that day, we went on the ride twice!







Whale watching

We went whale watching in Wellagama We had to get up early to see them otherwise they wouldn’t be out of the water. We had to wear life jackets witch was almost the only health and safety we had seen in Sri Lanka! There were lots of whales that we saw, and we were told that we would be lucky to see one.

On the way out to the whales patch we saw some dolphins swimming beside the boat.



We went out further to find the whales. The crew looked out for spurts of water so we could go and see them. The whales would sometimes dive in and we waited to see if they would reappear for about ten minutes.



Did you know that Blue whales are the largest mammal on earth? They weigh more than 150 Tonnes when they are fully grown. A Blue Whale eats Krill, a tiny sea creature about two centimetres big, they eat as many as 40,000,000 per day. The Blue Whales don’t have teeth; they swim towards Krill with their mouths open, spit out the water and swallow the Krill.