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Little Adams Peak

Yesterday we climbed Little Adams Peak which was a long walk from our hotel. We passed through some tea plantations, and a village where the Tea Pickers live, which looked like they had built the houses themselves. On the way up we also saw a helipad for a very posh hotel. To get to the top we had to walk up a lot of very steep steps. At the top there were some Cairns, which are small piles of stones. We rebuilt one that had fallen over.


From the summit of Little Adams Peak we could see Ella Rock across the valley. It’s not really a rock it is actually a mountain with a big rocky side to it and is really tall.


At the top of Little Adams Peak there was this cow, I don’t know how they got it up the steep steps!


Afterwards we went and had milkshakes and pancakes at a cool funky cafe where we sat on the roof on beanbags.


I was very relaxed! And the milkshakes and pancakes were delicious!