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Whakawerawera ( fa-ka-re-wa-re-wa ) is a living Maori village in a thermal area. They take the advantage of being a thermal area; they use steam vents to cook (they would dig a hole by the thermal vent, place some railings over the hole, and make a lid )and use hot pools like we would use a saucepan to steam vegetables( they lower it in the pool in a net and leave , they secure so it doesn’t sink!) The pool is so deep it is immeasurable!



At the entrance to the village there is a memorial archway to remember the Maori who fought in WW2, WW1, and other wars.


The name of the village has been shortened to whakawerawera from Tewhakarewarewatangaoteopetauaawahiao so it’s easier to say. Lots of Maori words seem to have lots and lots of vowels in them, but they don’t. The alphabet only has 13 words, 8 consonants and the 5 vowels!!!


I think that the carved meeting house at the front of the village is very intricate and has lots of Paua shells, shells that the inside can be polished to be colourful and shiny.



The village was very interesting and smelly!!!