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The Lost World of Tambun

Yesterday we went to the lost world of Tambun, it is a theme park in the middle of nowhere and at a foot of a mountain.
There is a water ride where you pick one of four slides and go down it. One of them is pitch black and really twisty so every turn is frightening. There is another one where you go down really fast and go up and back down. It was scary because you felt like you were going to tip over any second! You go down in a two person rubber ring.
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There was a Tiger show in the Tiger Valley with lots of animals in like a raccoon that picked up rubbish and put it in a bin and a bird that played basketball!!

After that they threw food for the tigers to catch.


Then we went to the petting zoo which has lots of animals in from snugly bunny rabbits to massive, snappy tortoises!!


As the place where Tambun was built is famous for tin mining, you could walk up into a valley to try some dulong washing, which is where you get a wide bowl, scrape it along the bottom of a pool and swirl it around to get the sand out and hopefully you have some small pieces of tin left.