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USS Bowfin

The USS Bowfin is a submarine, at Pearl Harbour. Pearl Harbour was bombed by the Japanese in 1941, then the Americans became involved in WW2. The Bowfin was commissioned in July, 1942 and first patrolled 1943. The Bowfin sunk 13 ships that were trying to attack Pearl Harbour. In 1971 the Bowfin was moved to Pearl Harbour to be a floating museum.


Inside the submarine it was very cramped and the doorways were tiny!P1040059 - Copy - Copy

Inside this front facing torpedo room there was six torpedo tubes, and 12 stored torpedo’s It also had a rear facing torpedo room with four tubes. There were fold out beds in the torpedo room for some of the crew.

P1040058 - Copy (2)


On the deck there was an anti aircraft gun, they could use it when the submarine was not submerged.

P1040068P1040066 - Copy