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Australia Zoo

We went to Australia Zoo, which was founded by Steve Irwin’s parents. Steve caught his first crocodile with his Dad when he was 9!
Steve died of a stingray sting near his heart, in 2006.
Steve Irwin was nicknamed the Crocodile Hunter because he caught crocodiles in the wild.


The majority of the crocodiles in the zoo are saltwater crocodiles, they’re in the zoo because they hung around boat ramps scaring the public. One of the crocodiles, ate a mans dog when he was out walking it!

We saw some Tasmanian Devils, they look like oversized rats! The markings on their back are unique to each Devil.


This is an Echidna, it’s like a porcupine it had a long nose and an 18cm long tongue that’s sticky to gather up worms, ants and termites.


I fed some kangaroos, you have to make sure your hand was flat, their tongue felt rough when the licked up the food but they were very gentle.
They can jump 3 metres high, and 12 metres long in one bound!


Cassowaries, are big black emu like birds with colourful heads. They are endangered in the wild.


We also saw dingos, binturongs, camels, tigers, wombats, snakes, lizards, dragons, rhinoceros iguanas, otters, parrots, an eagle, commodore, laughing cookaburros, alligators, I also stroked a koala.