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Our last day in Kandy

On our last day in Kandy we went to the Kandy Garrison Cemetery where people who colonised Sri Lanka were buried. Monkeys kept on coming down from their den so we left. We went to the Kandy national museum and I saw a mask that they use in dances and are ment to turn away evil, it is one of 3 types of mask used in dancing.

This is the mask, it is called a Raksha.

After that we went to the big Buddha called Bahiravakanda in Sri Lankan. The Buddha is lit up at night and we can see it from our hotel.


It is 88 feet tall.

Temple of the Tooth

I went to the Temple of the Tooth yesterday.


We saw Raja, a stuffed elephant, he was the royal elephant of the temple who lead the parade for 50 years, the parade is called Esala Perahera and takes place every August. In the parade there are drummers, Kandyan dancers, fire dancers and a hundred elephants. The lead elephant is the royal elephant who carries 7 golden caskets (each inside the other) and inside the first one is Buddhas tooth. Here is the story of Buddhas tooth: Buddha was cremated in India, a man saved one of his teeth from the ashes. A war started in India so the tooth was smuggled into Sri Lanka in a Princesses hair. It was kept in many places, such as Colombo, and Anuradhapura (now a derelict city) before the Temple of the Tooth was built in Kandy.

The caskets containing the tooth are behind this golden door.

These Buddhas are gifts from different countries, India, Malaysia, Thailand and others.

Royal Park


The Royal Park is on a hill in Kandy and  it overlooks Kandy lake. In it there is a Japanese field gun, a howitzer, which was captured by the British army in W.W.II and presented to Kandy by Lord Mountbatten. He was the admiral of a fleet of ships, the Earl of Burma, Supreme allied commander of South-East Asia and in command of all of the British troops in South-East Asia during W.W.II, he was based in Kandy and had his offices just down the road from our hotel! Lord Mountbatten was Prince Philips Uncle, who is married to the Queen. He was assassinated by the IRA (Irish Republic Army-Terrorists) in his fishing boat in 1979.

Kandyan dancing

Kandyan dancing originated as an all night ceremony in honour of the god Kohomba. We went to watch some at the Kandy cultural centre.
It has 5 main types of dancing:
1. Ves, in honour of kohomba, it involves lots of backflips.

2.Pantheru, they use small tambourines called pantheru.

3.Udekki, they use small drums whilst dancing.

4.Naiyandi, male dancers wear jangly chest plates.


5.vannam, it describes emotions or objects in nature like animals and plants.

All of the dances are accompanied with drummers.



We also watched some fire dancers who walked over burning coal!!




We should be arriving in Sri Lanka right now but our plane was delayed. Our plane now leaves at 9.30am instead of 9pm last night, so we will arrive in Sri Lanka at 1.30am Sri Lankan time. I haven’t done my challenge yet! I’ll do it on the plane. We stayed in a nice hotel (connected to Heathrow by a covered walkway) last night, we had a nice dinner and I tried smoked salmon for the first time, I liked it!

Word challenge

When I’m on the airplane I’m going to see how many words I can make out of Sri Lanka. Will you be able to get as many as me?

I’m on the way to the airport now. The plane takes off at 9 o clock tonight. I will land at 7 o clock British time in the morning, Sri Lanka time 1pm.

Sri Lanka Cuisine – 20-08-2013

I did some research on what me might eat in Sri Lanka.

 Sri Lankan cuisines

This is rice and curry which is the most common dish in Sri Lanka and consists of rice which is either steamed or boiled, a curry and sambols served as a side dish.

The most popular sambol is coconut sambol, made from ground coconut, chili peppers, dried fish and lime.

 Sri Lankan cuisines

Hoppers are a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast like pancakes but sourer. You can also have egg Hoppers. The sides are usually bananas and sambols.

hoppers Sri Lankan cuisines