Universal Studios

We went to Universal Studios in Hollywood while we were in Los Angeles. It is a theme park with rides based on the movies Universal have made.
There is a new ride based on Despicable Me called Minion Mayhem which we went on first. It is a motion simulator and you get turned into a Minion. It was really good and we went on it again later on. This was my favourite ride.



There was a ride based on Jurassic Park which was a log flume. It was very wet and the drop was 84 ft down!



The Mummy was a really fun roller coaster in the dark that went through an Egyptian Tomb and you had to escape from the evil Mummy! It even went backwards and that was really scary.
We also went on a Tranformers ride which was a 3D ride and it was really awesome. It made you duck away from the things coming out the screen.


We got to go on a tour of the actual studio sets that are still being used today! In fact there was filming happening while we were there. We even saw the set for the new King Kong movie and saw a 3D experience which was in a tunnel and happened all around you.

There was lots of movie memorabilia like the Delorean from Back to the Future and an E.T. ask your parents about these if you haven’t heard of them!! They are from ye olde movies or classics as my mum says!









2 thoughts on “Universal Studios

  1. Hi Oliver I went to universal studios when I was 15 years old and your photos look just like when I went!

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