National Penang Museum

Earlier today we went to the national Penang museum, outside it there are some automobiles. One of them is a three – wheeler truck used for hauling loads from the 1960’s to the 1970’s.
A Rolls Royce was parked outside too, it was the governors car until one of them was attacked by terrorists whilst being driven. The governor car was then changed to a Cadillac.
Also there was an old hill tram and was used in Penang to get up Penang Hill. Before the tram was brought to Penang you got up Penang Hill on a sedan chair or on a pony if you were rich. If you were poor you just climbed up Penang Hill. A sedan chair is a woven chair set onto two thick strips of wood that your servants / slaves held up while you sat down on the chair.

Lots of different races came to Penang for jobs including European, Eurasian, Chinese, Japanese, Malay and Sri Lankan. The Chinese and Japanese found jobs of craftsmanship and construction workers and if they didn’t get a job as one of those they started doing their old professions.

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